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Fires started in cooking equipment of commercial eating establishments cause millions of pounds in damage each year.Kitchen exhaust systems are designed to pull smoke, grease vapours and cooking residues out of the kitchen area. The filters can never eliminate all of the vaporised grease which, together with debris, condenses onto the inside of the ducts and the fan surfaces. Over a short period of time, enough grease will accumulate to create a very serious fire hazard.When fire takes hold in the exhaust system above the cooking equipment, the grease in the ducts acts as a fuse allowing the fire to spread rapidly through the ducts to other areas of the building. The fire can break out of the ducts at any penetration, hole or joint, or following heat-induced collapse of the ductwork due to the extreme heat produced where temperatures can reach 1200degC.When a duct system is cleaned regularly the chance of a duct fire is dramatically reduced.In the , the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has set the Standard (NFPA #96) governing inspection and maintenance of commercial kitchen exhaust systems. NFPA #96 Section 8-3.1 (1998 ed.) states in part:"Hoods, grease removal devices, fans, ducts and other appurtenances shall be cleaned to bare metal at frequent intervals prior to surfaces becoming heavily contaminated with grease or oily sludge."EPS Envirotech Ltd providing high quality, tailored solutions for hygiene in the indoor environment.Each kitchen exhaust duct-cleaning project begins with the initial inspection. As with AC ducts the process is quicker if original duct schematics are available, if not then part of the site survey will include compiling drawings of the systems. Also during the survey we identify access panels and advise if further panels will be required in order to carry out thorough cleaning. Photographs are taken and deposit thickness levels recorded.All areas of the ductwork that are physically accessible are cleaned to bare metal using a specially formulated cleaning agent; this also includes the cooker hood plenum and fans. Vertical ducts are cleaned, either using high pressure steam or by a technician descending the duct on a winch operated access chair. Additional access panels are installed as required, and any still inaccessible areas are documented giving specific details of the location and access difficulties, together with recommended solutions. On completion of each project we provide a certificate of cleaning and a photographic project report, detailing the cleaning operation. All projects are carried out in accordance with the standards laid down in NFPA#96                                            EPS Envirotech Ltd provides the most professional, comprehensive exhaust duct cleaning and inspection service available.

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