Allied Pipe Freezing - Hot Tapping, Wall Tapping, Line Stopping

If you're working in an oil ridge or a chemical manufacturing firm, you can understand what hot tapping is and why it is so important from industry perspectives. Let me explain this in detail. First of all hot tapping is also known as wet tapping or pressure tapping. In simple words, it is the most feasible way to stop the water into a pipe line while it is under pressure and add an additional line, drain the system or add a thermowell or sensor. How hot tapping works? It is typically the process of including a junction onto a LIVE pipe without hindering the existing flow of any gases or liquids. This method is found to be relatively simple and can prove to a huge cost saver if used properly. In the absence of this process, the entire operations would be completely shut off which can result in heavy loss to the firm. Typically these pipes need to be completed drained before any maintenance work is carried out at the site. Hot tapping and line stopping are found to be most effective methods of bypassing a LIVE pipe for any kind of work.

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