Lavender and Wheatgrain Heat Bags ~ The ' Colours ' Range

The Lavender & Wheatgrain Heat Bag is Handcrafted in Scotland using a specially chosen blend of Wheatgrain and Dried Lavender Flowers and is well known for its ability to ease a variety of ailments in a natural drug-free way. This microwaveable bag is a very popular comforter, the heat of the wheatgrain & the soothing properties of the aromatic Lavender helping to ease aches, pains & stiffness, relieve stress & tension and to help you relax the body & mind.Many use their Lavender and Wheatgrain Heat Bag simply as a winter warmer during the long cold winter spells. A great alternative to the Hot Water Bottle!Our Heat Bags are available in a variety of sizes and in a range of fabrics and colours, including Colours, Pastels, Checks and Tartans.Prices start from just £4.99 + P&PThe Lavender and Wheatgrain Heat Bag can be used many times over and is excellent value for money!For more details email or visit our site :

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