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Homeopathy and nutrition from Pauline Start Homeopath

By: Pauline Start Homeopath  26/05/2009
Keywords: nutrition, homeopathy, Alkalinity

Homeopathy is a holistic medicine. This means that its focus is on the whole person. Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical factors are regarded as completely inter-connected and no single factor is taken in isolation. It is based on the idea that symptoms are not the cause of disease, they merely show that ‘dis-ease’ exists.

Cytoplan, the food state company, have championed the value and importance of food nutrition (vitamins and minerals complexed with their associated food nutrients) and have created supplements that are as close to food as possible. These various Foundation and Multivitamin and Mineral formulas are known as Cytoplan Food State supplements. Telephone me for advice on 01584 781784 or visit Please state that I am the recommending practitioner.

I also supply glyconutrients, which are ‘eight essential sugars’. These sugars are not digested as energy for the body, but go directly to the cell surfaces to form glycoproteins, essential for the complex system of cellular communication. Without these the body’s ‘operating system’ breaks down. Glyconutrients restore cellular communication allowing your body to actually heal and repair itself.

I can supply products to aid in restoring body alkalinity.  Telephone for advice 01584 781784

Keywords: Alkalinity, Glyconutrients, homeopathy, nutrition

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