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Vigo Warehousing Systems from Vigo Software

By: Vigo Software  11/05/2009
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Main Features

Stock items can have multiple units of measure e.g. a pallet may contain 20 cartons each containing 12 items. This can be different for each stock item.

Stock may be booked out in different units e.g. issued from the shelf by part carton. A prompt will appear when shelf stock is low and advise where to find the next full pallet.

Stock is booked into a warehouse location that is identified by aisle, row, and level. Each location can have a capacity set as a number of pallets. Booking in may be by full, half or quarter pallets to optimise storage.

A warehouse plan/picture shows each location with its spare capacity to allow simple storing and relocating of stock.

Regular delivery addresses are held to make despatching straightforward. Addresses may be organised into groups, regions and categories to simplify bulk despatching.

Bill of Materials/Kits. Any stock item can consist of a list of other items held as a kit. Issuing the kit produces the nescessary picking lists.

Full audit trail of every transaction showing date, time and operator responsible helps mantain the accuracy of the stock.

Prepare invoices based upon items held, movements in and out and usage of other materials such as packaging and pallets. Any customer can have as many charge elements as necessary.

Powerful reporting using the Crystal Reports report generator

Post reports to the internet to allow your customers to see their stock details directly

Option to use bar codes to simplify booking in and out.

Keywords: warehouse, warehouse software, warehousing, warehousing software