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By: Vigo Software  11/05/2009
Keywords: scanning, Internet Software, Haulage Software

Documents can be scanned in suitable batches, e.g. a driver's run at a time.

The images are then presented to an operator who has selected an appropriate 'view' from the main Vigo program, e.g. a drivers run sheet.

This view is displayed alongside the images and as the images will very probably be in the same order as the view, assigning an image to the job is done simply by clicking the OK button.

Numerous operators can assign the images to a job, this process does NOT have to be carried out on the scanner NOR at the time the scan takes place. This can spread the workload over a number of users and each user could deal with the work that they initiated.

'Hot spots' enlarge critical parts of the image to highlight the important parts such as name, date, time and signature.Hot spots are drawn into the same area of the page on each document.

Claused jobs can have notes attached to them to bring the jobs to managments attention.

Keywords: Haulage Software, Internet Software, scanning