Vigo Depot System

Vigo Depot System from Vigo Software

By: Vigo Software  11/05/2009
Keywords: Haulage Software, Depot Systems

Initially designed for depots in an overnight pallet or parcel network, the system provides the necessary labels, dockets, consignment notes and manifests to ensure goods are correctly routed through the hub to the depot responsible for the delivery.Jobs are automatically priced to ensure that your customers are invoiced correctly and are costed to ensure that correct charges are made.

Main Features:
Simple, easy to learn job entry screens.

Onscreen enquiries showing jobs in date, customer, vehicle, postcode or depot order, allow you to quickly view jobs in a wide variety of different ways.

Coloured cells highlight specific criteria.

Powerful pricing and costing functions ensure accurate charges and the monitoring of gross profit.

Routing by postcode ensures accurate delivery.

Simple POD entry routines. PODs can be held sent to the Internet for viewing by your customers.
Powerful exception reporting and displays show jobs that need attention e.g. awaiting POD, not priced, not invoiced.

Record operational notes against any job which with the full audit trail provides a complete history of every job.

Rapid location of a job and all its details provide fast answers to customer enquiries.

Powerful invoicing routines ensure that you are paid for the work done.

Links to popular accounting programs.

Send and receive manifests to and from the hub by modem, e-mail or via the internet.

Keywords: Depot Systems, Haulage Software,