Batteries for Signals And Signs: Rail and Road Networks, Airports and Harbours

Batteries for Signals And Signs: Rail and Road Networks, Airports and Harbours from Industrial Batteries Limited

By: Industrial Batteries Limited  31/08/2010
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Industrial Batteries (UK) Limited – IBLUK – have added a new information sheet describing the battery requirements for signals and signs in transport systems. These are systems which are required because there is a need to provide information to the user to ensure that safe operation is obtained.   In buildings, huts and cabinets along the railway track, close to transport highways, in airports and in harbours, standby batteries are used in signalling systems such as:
Crossings  (Rail and Road)
Track safety (Rail)
Emergency backup (all )
Communication (all )
Remote monitoring and control (all )
Information (all )
Warning Signs (all )
Direction Signs (all)  
The application sheet describes the battery requirements which are important for this type of critical application.  
The IBLUK site includes over 30 downloadable information sheets covering products, applications and battery technology and 3 extended 'White papers' covering a range of specialised topics.   
Industrial Batteries (UK) Limited - IBLUK – is the main distributor of Alcad Industrial Nickel-Cadmium Batteries in the United Kingdom. The comprehensive Alcad range includes Vantex ultra-low maintenance range for low and medium rate discharge applications, which is ideal for this application.  
In addition to assisting the customer in their choice of battery and battery stand, IBLUK also offer an extensive selection of approved accessories, a technical consultancy service, user training and a battery replacement and recycling service.

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