Miracle - Disinfectant and sanitiser

Miracle - Disinfectant and sanitiser from Fresh Cleaning Solutions

By: Fresh Cleaning Solutions  27/01/2009
Keywords: Eating and Drinking Places, cleaner, environmentally friendly

 An amazing product that will leave a clean fresh aroma.
Whilst it contains no fragrance it has a smell that can only be described as clean. Perfect for food environments this product will clean and sanitise in one go. Miracle, developed especially for the food industry, is a multi purpose product suitable for all environment. It emulsifies grease, removes general soils and kills a wide range of bacteria, including Salmonella Enteridis, E.Coli, Hepatitis B, MRSA, C.diff and many more. Click here for more. Miracle is a modern blend of sanitisers and cleaners, safe for all situations. Its ability to both sanitise and remove dirt highlights its value in clean or dirty areas. It will safely clean and sanitise all hard surfaces including worktops, cutting boards, tables, refrigerators, freezers, microwave ovens, vending machines, sinks and surrounds, tiles, walls and general kitchen equipment. Miracle is formulated for use in kitchens, food preparation areas, processing plants, butcheries, bakeries, greengroceries, and all food processing areas. it is ideal for use in hotels, restaurants, clubs, shops, schools, canteens. cafes, bars, public houses, etc. Miracle complies with British Standard 6424-1990 Grade Q.A.P 100 and passes the European Suspension Test in clean and dirty conditions.  Highly concentrated.

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