Lightning - Degreaser and cleaner

Lightning - Degreaser and cleaner from Fresh Cleaning Solutions

By: Fresh Cleaning Solutions  27/01/2009
Keywords: cleaner, environmentally friendly, cleaning products

 Highly concentrated formulation.
A remarkable break-through in cleaning. Lightning is super strong and will clean grease, ink, blood and all manner of dirt and grime. Its revolutionary formula means that it will not damage surfaces. It contains no acids, caustics or toxic substances so it is ideal for use on fabrics, carpets, boats, tiles, brickwork, driveways, bathrooms, floors. In fact it can be used almost everywhere. It is ideal for industrial use where a powerful degreaser is needed but where using harsh chemicals is not possible. It also contains a rust inhibitor to prevent flash rusting. this makes it ideal for use on items that need welding or for cleaning your alloy wheels as it will not only clean them without damage but will not affect the brake pads or discs.
Available in the following standard sizes - 2x5 Litre bottles, 10 Litre drum or 20 Litre drum.

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