September 2013; Apollo and TG4:11 update

By: Apollo Scaffolding Ties Ltd  19/09/2013
Keywords: scaffold screws, TG4:11 amendment,

With the support of Dave Smith and 'Apollo scaffolding ties' now trading as Alternative Tying Systems Ltd the NASC are about to publish an amendment to TG4:11. The additional safety factors previously suggested was at the best described as a fallacy. Or a subjective statement unsupported by factual evidence. This now means that the Apollo scaffold screw system now only requires a safety factor of 2 just as was being applied to the system between 1999-2011. With neither a situation or incident to justify a change the previous author of TG4:11 probably due to the pressure's being imposed by the CFA the transparent organisation who claim to be independent but are owned by Hilti, ITW, Rawl, Fischer and Leibig not only over commercialised the 2011 addition of TG4 but yet again failed to justify subjective and inaccurate advise and recommendations that appeared in the publication. We say yet again because in 2004 we wrote to the NASC and the author of TG4:04 and pointed out to him the several area's of subjectiveness and incorrect statements that contradicted the manufacturers product installation guidance notes. Interestingly in TG4:11 most of this inaccurate statements had been amended.

Keywords: scaffold screws, TG4:11 amendment,

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