Ant Killer Powder

By: Ppc Supplies  08/06/2009
Keywords: pest control, ants, insect control

We supply a range of ant killer powders for use in the home and garden. Our three main dusting powders are Agrodust, Agrothrin and Residex P. They all kill ants, but in different ways. The Agrodust is a desiccant dust, very similar to the Diatomaceous Earth. The crystalline dust damages the waxy cuticle of the ant which leads to dehydration and death. The Agrodust is an ant killing powder without an active ingredient! The Agrothrin contains natural pyrethrins and can also be used in homes and in the garden. Agrothrin is a neo-toxin and ants pick it up as they walk though the dust and they drag the product back to nest. Finally the Residex P is a synthetic product containing permethrin. It is a long lasting dusting product and once down lasts up to six months. The Residex P kills ants instantly!

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