'M' Technique

'M' Technique from Intention Therapy

By: Intention Therapy  10/11/2014

The ‘M’ technique® is a holistic massage and the first of its kind, being described as ‘physical hypnotherapy’ and a ‘spiritual dance’. It is profoundly relaxing for both the giver and receiver. Created by Dr Jane Buckle, a critical care nurse, the ‘M’ technique® is a series of stroking movements, performed in a set sequence at a set pressure and a set pace. Each movement, identified with a mnemonic name, is repeated three times. It is different from conventional massage and may be suitable when other massage is inappropriate, for example with the very frail or critically ill. Whilst anyone can learn the ‘M’ technique®, only therapists such as aromatherapists, or health professionals such as nurses can become certified practitioners and be listed on the practitioner database. Emily Papirnik from Intention is a certified ‘M’ technique® practitioner.


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