Pigeon Immune Maintenance

Pigeon Immune Maintenance from Vine Herbal

By: Vine Herbal  01/09/2011
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Research the most common diseases our birds have to address and find the link.

Well…… to save you time we have done this for you.

We believe in all cases of;


Can all be linked back to the Immune System.

Immune System & Respiratory Tract………… Don’t leave it too late.

We all know the importance of our Immune System, if it’s not up to scratch we’re defiantly down in the dumps and feeling unwell.

So why wait until we’re ill to think about it?

The beauty of a good natural supplement is it will build and strengthen our animals and birds defence against every day common ailments we all have to address, and…..in a totally non-invasive manner……and with no known side effects.

We have over the years designed a product to do just this, containing ingredients that are just targeted at maintaining a strong and healthy Immune System and keeping a clear Respiratory Tract, any other benefits it offers is a bonus.

Echinacea is worldly known as a wonderful plant and its reputation for helping the Immune System is without question, so we have taken our formula a few steps further by using ingredients like;

Elderflower and Hyssop traditionally used for maintaining a clear and healthy Respiratory Tract;

Liquorice for detoxifying the body and digestive system and Elderberry to help us recover quicker after an illness.

We all need to realise that from time to time we’re all going to get ill and no amount of vitamins or supplements are going to stop this, but if our bodies are prepared and have a strong Immune System we can at least put up a fight against them and then cope with the problems easier if they occur, and are more likely to get over an illness much quicker if we catch something.

Our animals and birds are no different.

So as we said at the beginning don’t wait until it’s too late…. get in first and you and your birds will reap the benefits.

For maximum benefit use together with our “Stronguard”.

Click on our ingredients link and read more about the ingredients used in this product and their ACTIONS.

As with all of our supplements we can only help aid and maintain problems not cure, and we always recommend you seek veterinary advice if you are at all concerned about the welfare of your pigeons and animals.

Keywords: health supplements, herbal products, herbal supplements, Natural Products, racing pigeons

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