Hinged Guards

By: Schmersal UK/IRL  17/07/2012
Keywords: machinery, door, switches

These safety switches are suitable for hinged safety guards, which need to be closed to ensure the necessary operational security. The variety of requirements to be found in practice can be met by means of the wide range of safety switches for hinged guards. Depending on the particular version of the switches, small doors and service flaps as well as heavy hinged doors on engineering machines and plants can be protected in such a way as to provide for easy setting up and maintenance.

Keywords: door, machinery, Safety Guards, Safety Interlock With Guard Locking, switches

Other products and services from Schmersal UK/IRL


Emergency Stop

Schmersal Command devices are of great importance for the man-machine interface in the area of industrial applications. For example, they are mounted in switch-boards, control panels, two-hand control panels, in lift manufacture and on materials-handling plants, including conveyors. Manual actuation of the devices starts operating sequences and functional processes or serves to bring these to an end.


Solenoid Interlocks

Schmersal Solenoid Interlocks, operating in combination with control elements of a machine, e.g. fail-safe standstill monitors or fail-safe delay timers, ensure that sliding, hinged and removable guarding devices, such as grids, hoods or doors, cannot be opened until hazardous conditions (e.g. running-down movements) have come to an end.


Electronic Safety Sensors

Schmersal magnetic safety sensors serve to monitor the position of sliding, hinged and removable safety guards.


Safety Consultancy Service

Schmersal Safety Consultants provide customers with qualified answers to their questions, for example, which type of safety system to use, how to integrate the safety system within the control system and functionality of the machine and how to configure a programmable electronic safety system to optimally meet both the safety requirements and the productivity specifications of the machine.