Stainless steel hygienic centrifugal pumps

Stainless steel hygienic centrifugal pumps from MDM Pumps Ltd

By: MDM Pumps Ltd  19/03/2009
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Manufacturers of hygienic centrifugal pumps for the brewing, soft drinks, dairy, food and pharmaceutical industries. The close coupled pumps are manufactured from stainless steel and are used for handling product and CIP liquid.
The hygienic pumps are available as flooded suction, air separator and liquid ring self-priming pumps.

The 'H' hygienic centrifugal pumps are high quality stainless steel pumps manufactured from solid bar.
The 'CR' liquid ring pumps which are self-priming pumps are designed to pump liquids with air bubbles and foam.
The 'Two-Way' pumps can pump in either direction and are designed as fermentation vessel sample pumps.

MDM also manufactures hygienic stainless steel pipeline strainers and hygienic stainless steel air venting valves.
MDM Pumps Ltd was founded in 1922 and is registered to BS EN ISO 9001.

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