By: Malvern Kinesiology  15/09/2014
Keywords: alternative medicine, alternative therapies, holistic therapies

Kinesiology is a way of using the body’s natural responses to assess and assist health and wellbeing The muscles respond with strength or weakness depending on the underlying state of the whole system so muscle testing, or muscle monitoring is at the heart of this. It establishes imbalances in the system empirically – structural, energetic, nutritional or emotional. Those imbalances are then corrected using methods appropriate to their origin. The benefits of Kinesiology come from its approach to healing. The focus is on the underlying cause of symptoms rather than on the symptoms themselves. Symptoms are an indication of imbalance in the client’s system, so managing them is not the priority rather kinesiology will work on balancing the whole person. The balanced person will then have the resources to get better of his or her own accord. This can happen after just one session or over multiple sessions. Like peeling the layers off an onion, the body presents imbalances to be corrected in their order of priority. That means that Kinesiology is complimentary both to allopathic medicine and to alternative therapies. It will always support healing by bringing the body’s natural resources to the best level that they can reach at that time.

Keywords: alternative medicine, alternative therapies, balancing, Holistic Medicine, holistic therapies, Kinesiology, suuplements