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By: I-COG Claims Management  05/10/2010
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I-COG are UK leaders in Conversation Management.

We provide you with the fastest, most ethical, cost-effective desktop screening process fo all of your claims. Therefore, claims are returned to you immediately via our robust reporting system for either early settlement or for further proactive evidence gathering. We have the investigative and surveillance services to gather all the required intelligence and information for you, leaving you more informed in a shorter overall time period. In summary, we can help significantly reduce the life of your claim and help cut your costs by using our 'one stop' solution.

Conversation Management is an approach designed to facilitate the creation of an ethical working relationship with any person - and to obtain maximum disclosure and results. It also enables the accurate capture of detail and is applicable in any customer facing role.

Conversation Management is designed to support the fast track assessment of risk, the detection of deception and, where identified, the effective management of those with dishonest intent.

Conversation Management uses proven applied psychological techniques and unique ‘active listening skills’ to:

  • gain full disclosure of detail
  • capture of information and further intelligence
  • accurately identify potentially deceptive behaviour
  • influence the customer’s subsequent actions
  • manage emotionally charged conversations
  • gain the commitment of those initially resistant
  • build rapport and secure results
  • provide ethical escape routes and bring about faster resolution

Given its purpose in encouraging maximum disclosure and securing client results, Conversation Management in the hands of the well trained and motivated user has a number of applications that will be of major benefit.  Its effective use can save and recover millions of pounds.

We provide exceptionally effective in-house training to enable you to deliver more consistently and more effectively. We provide 3 levels of delivery:

  • Level 3 - Awareness Training
  • Level 2 - FNOL Conversation Management Training
  • Level 1 - Advanced Conversation Management/Challenge Interviews
Dependent on your requirement and skill level, pre and post course benchmarking and thorough quality assurance is essential to ensure all learning is sustained. This ensures consistent performance for you and your organisation.

As a smarter and faster approach, I-COG offer outsourced desktop solutions to validate claims, deal with complaints and dispute resolution, manage arrears, recover assets and investigate fraud.

I-COG is also uniquely qualified in the complex and technical area of 'Active Listening Skills' - and this is the real core of successful Conversation Management.

Keywords: Claims Validation, Conversation Management, Fraud Investigation, insurance fraud, Investigation services

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