Do you need to sell your property?

Do you need to sell your property? from Rent 2 Own

By: Rent 2 Own  30/11/2010
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Here at Rent2Ownwe offer a central location where we can match properties to the incoming buyer from vendors from anywhere - nationwide in the UK.

Changes in the mortgage market have made it increasingly difficult for first time buyers to obtain finance to make their move into the housing market. While prices are attractive, mortgage lenders are not willing to advance funds on reasonable terms.

Step forward Rent2Own, which links buyers with homes that are available to suit them. And provides a combination that includes an initial rental commitment, with the opportunity to plan a purchase of the same property, in the near future. No need to move house - you can live in the home you want to buy, straight away.

The Rent2Own solution is quick to set up, with the minimum of hassle, and sets you on the path to owning your own home. No need to pay rent forever, when long term, buying is often the better option. Explore and enjoy our website here , please call us if you need any help, anytime.

Keywords: Home Lettings, house sales, property letting, Rent To Own, sell property