Circuit Training Classes in Bromsgrove

By: Circuit Training Bromsgrove  09/12/2010
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Circuit Training Classes

Circuit training is a program or arrangement of aerobic and strength exercises arranged in a regularly repeating pattern or ‘circuit’.

Circuit training is great exercise for virtually anybody motivated enough to try it out. The exercises are all very straight forward and easy to learn, in fact you’ve probably done most of them at some time in the past.

The way the class is structured allows you to work out at your own level of ability or comfort, and the fitter you get the more you’ll find you want to do.

Our circuit training fitness classes in Bromsgrove follow the military style of circuits but this doesn’t mean that you’ll be yelled at by a drill sergeant and made to do exercises you don’t want to! It simply means that our circuits are kept very simple, use very little gym equipment other than mats and benches and most exercises are bodyweight exercises.

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