How I Work

By: The Message Giver - A Clairvoyant in Swindon, Psychic Swindon  08/07/2011
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I use various methods to communicate my messages across that I received from Spirit. Some examples include reading Tarot / Angel cards, psychometry (reading of jewellery) Rune stones and my personal favourite - good old fashion direct contact, where I tune in and feel, see or hear them. My aim is to relay messages that will help people to get to a better place in their lives, whether it be through words of comfort, encouragement or guidance, the messages will be given with love and honesty.

Another side to my work is to recognise others' abilities and to help them understand their gift and how to use it in a positive way. It is the most rewarding thing when you help someone that has felt isolated and unsettled by their experiences turn it around to a positive relationship between themselves and Spirit

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