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By: Joe Clements Sports Therapy and Performance  13/11/2013
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Personal Training services in Swindon. Based at a fantastic facility where we have all the equipment you could ever need, I offer Personal Training services. My focus and expertise is on human movement. Beginning a training programme with me will achieve your aesthetic goals but also look much deeper into how your body functions and performs. I look at optimising function, through gait analysis, hands on movement corrections and myofascial release techniques to develop a body that will move pain free through a large range of motion. I deliver body weight based strength routines. After all, if you can't competently lift your own weight what right have you to lift external weights? When you have reached a level of body weight competency we will begin to incorporate strength and conditioning principles into your program to make you explosive and strong. Throughout your training I use a lot of kettlebell work focussing on its ability to manipulate the forces of nature (gravity, mass, momentum and ground reaction force) and make you strong against them. Results to be expected from my training method: Improved aesthetics. Better ability to run, jump, pull, push, squat, crawl, twist. You will be stronger, more flexible, faster, explosive and resilient to physical stress than you have ever been before.

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