HOPI EAR CANDLING Professional Accredited Practitioner Diploma Course - 1 day - 1st Dec 2010

By: Holistic Therapies Training Ltd  07/09/2010
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Brief Description

This is a very popular therapy which provides relief from sinus and ear conditions and combines a facial massage for relaxation. You will also be taught how to carry out a sinus drainage and facial massage

Course Cost


Course duration

1 day + home study + case studies

Course Pre-requisite


Course Accreditation

The Guild of Beauty Therapists

The Complementary Medical Association

Professional Beauty

Associated Beauty Therapists


Practitioner Diploma

Course Criteria

·         Theory to be studied at home using our training manual before attending the practical training set in 4 modules

·         Question paper to test you on your understanding of each module to be submitted before attending the practical training. Some research may be required to complete the questions.

·         Practical hands on training including assessment

·         2 Case studies to be submitted before certificate is issued

Payment Terms

50% non refundable deposit is payable to secure your booking. Final 50% is due no later than 14 days prior to the start date of the practical training.

Payment Methods

Cash, Cheque, Bankers Draft, Postal Order, direct bank transfer or payment by credit or debit card via Paypal.

Please make cheques payable to : K Kilminster

Please send paypal payments to:

If you wish to pay by direct bank transfer, please ask for bank details.

Course Benefits

·         Fully Accredited Diploma level, enabling you to practice professionally. 

·         Courses are recognised and insurable.          

·         Home Study Pack - A detailed Course training workbook emailed to you before course, providing plenty of scope for both pre and post course study. Case studies may also be required to complete your training.

·         Practical demonstrations and teaching of the treatment are broken down into easy to learn sections.

·         You will give and receive a full treatment on the practical training day. (For one to one training, you may not be able to receive a treatment.)

·         Small class sizes & one to one training available

·         CPD Points (Continuing Professional Development Points) awarded on each course.

·         Tutors are experienced and passionate about what they do

·         Anatomy and physiology, relevant to the course, is covered in the training manual (including colourful diagrams)

·         Fun, friendly & informal training environment.

·         Included is your Diploma, comprehensive training manual, insurance details, Health & Safety and tea, coffee and water during the break (please bring your own lunch/snacks)

·         Couches, chairs, cushions and products required for the training are supplied unless stated otherwise. You will be required to bring towels for your own use. 

What to bring to the training day

·         The Training Manual

·         A packed lunch

·         A bottle of water

·         Jumper/Cardigan (after receiving treatment you may get cold)

·         Hair band for long hair

·         It is advisable not to wear jewellery to the practical training

·         You may wear uniform to the practical training, or suitable therapy clothing

·         Notepad and pen

·         Your medical disclaimer form (if not already submitted)

·         1 pair of Biosun or similar reputable Hopi Ear Candles Or you may purchase on the day at £6 per pair. Please let us know before the training day if you wish to purchase from us.

About Hopi Ear Candling

Ear candles are hollow tubes made from cotton and various waxes. The candles vary in size and can be tubes or cone shaped. One end fits snugly in the ear and the other end is set alight. It generally takes around 10 minutes per ear for a candle to burn down to its safety level marked on the candle.

Ear candles are used as a treatment for relaxation and to treat the symptoms of sinusitis, vertigo (dizziness), hearing loss, blocked ears and tinnitus. The treatment normalises pressure in the ear and is an effective treatment for swimmers ear and helps with problems after flying or diving. Ear candling treatments can stimulate your body's natural systems to assist the removal of excess ear wax, debris, Candida infections and fungus.

The treatment using Ear candles increases blood flow and stimulates lymphatic drainage, restoring the balance that enables your body to correct any problems and assist in the healing process. The heat from the flame creates a stimulating, warming effect and creates a spiral energy vortex. This removes excess mucus in the middle ear, inner ear, sinuses and nose. It also increases the mobility of the white blood cells and improves the immune response. Whilst ear candles do not physically remove ear wax they do create the conditions where your body's own defences will restore balance to its systems. The treatment creates a relaxed state assisting with the body’s ability to fight imbalances.

Course Content

·         Working Hygienically

·         Health & Safety

·         Insurance

·         Professional Ethics

·         About holistic therapies

·         Consultation

·         Case study guidance

·         Recommended Reading

·         Massage – the effects and benefits of

·         Preparation for treatment

·         Contra-Indications

·         After Care Advice

·         Equipment & products

·         The Routine

·         Anatomy & Physiology

·         The history

·         The benefits of the treatment

·         And more …

Resources required to complete the training

·         You will require all relevant equipment and products in order to practice your skills at home as well as completing your case studies. A list of recommended equipment and products are supplied within the training manual.

·         You will be required to bring one pair of ear candles to your training but all other equipment and products are supplied during your practical training unless otherwise stated.

·         You will be required to print off your training manual and bring with you to the practical training. If you are unable to do this a printed copy can be posted to you for an additional £7 (A printed copy of the training manual is not included in the training price)

·         It is recommended that you purchase a text book, in addition to the training manual, for future reference from our recommended reading list supplied within our training manual.

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