Condensing boiler not working in sub-zero temps?

Condensing boiler not working in sub-zero temps? from DOVE HEAT

By: DOVE HEAT   29/01/2013
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Condensing boilers :  These are the newest and most efficient boilers. As brilliant as they are a saving us money all the makes and models have one problem in common.  sub-zero temperatures.  A few things first, How they're different to your older boiler;  Natural gas in your boiler is burning above 700'C in your older boiler a lot of this heat  was wasted buy poor  combustion, poor heat exchanger design and materials, and possibly to aid the flue in pulling the products of combustion out.  not too efficient. Modern boiler with there newer heat exchangers and materials and different gas valves can extract 96% of the heat hence 96+% efficiency. In doing so the products of combustion leaving the boiler can be about 40'C-60'C  and when the meet cooler air they condense. Hence "condensing" boilers.  The condensate falls back through the boiler into a sump and is expelled through the uPVC "white" pipe.  if this pipe is well lagged, inside, too long or in a sheltered place then you maybe ok, or not have experience any problems yet.  However should there be a situation where It could freeze the boiler will not fire.  leaving you cold! no need to call DOVE HEAT just yet there is something you can try! So long as it is not raining!  You can try and use a hair dryer to unblock the pipe of Ice the top tip is to Start at the bottom first slowly making your way up and back to the boiler.  DONT USE THE GREY STUFF! If the pipe is not lagged then its a good idea to, but do not buy the grey soft lagging as this is for internal pipes like airing cupboards and lofts. Ask for the weatherproof stuff slightly more expensive but will last a lifetime.  There are also a few types of trace heaters that we can fit, they aren't the  cheapest option to install, nut some installations have no other options, they run off the boilers power.  At DOVE HEAT we endeavour to give you all the knowledge and options available to you.  For us its all about trust and honesty. If you would like any more tips or would like a visit for plumbing or gas related work in north wilts.  Please call  DOVE HEAT    07912227995 

Keywords: boiler, Plumbing, repair