Aluminium Rods - Restore, Repair or Replace

Aluminium Rods - Restore, Repair or Replace from Aluminium Rods

By: Aluminium Rods  02/06/2012
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Ideal for classic car or motorbike repairs and restoration work, general maintenance or fabrication jobs for the professional workshop, DIY enthusiast or Hobbyist. The results are unquestionable. The repairs are stronger than new. Can't find that rare or irreplaceable part? Now you can make good and repair the old one • Top quality, extremely strong, professional and durable welds WITHOUT THE NEED FOR EXPENSIVE WELDING EQUIPMENT. • Simple to use, ideal for both novice and professional users • Clean, flux free, sound joints which are stronger than the original metal • Requires No Flux. Metal-to-Metal Bond. 100% Metal Alloy. • Stronger than the Base Metal - up to 45,900 PSI. • Low Temperature. Between 380°C - 408°C Working Temperature. • Over 260°C Below Melt Point of Aluminium. • Stores Safely and Indefinitely. Simple - Versatile - Portable - inexpensive. • Brazes all Aluminium Alloys, including zinc, magnesium, pot metal, and cast. • Use Any Heat Source, such as propane, butane, mapp, or an oxy-acetylene torch. Demonstration videos and full information available on our website at where you can also order direct in packs of 5, 10, 20 or more rods. Please note our prices INCLUDE P&P

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