Horse Massage Therapy

By: The Horse Therapist  11/12/2012
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  • All horses benefit from regular treatments to boost general health and well being. Massage can aid physical development, prevent injury and assist with horse‚Äôs ongoing training program.


  • Massage can be greatly beneficial post operative, following injury, throughout box rest, during recovery and the return to work. Aiding increased blood and lymph flow around the body can speed up recovery time.

Pre-Event Massage:

  • Massage can be used to prepare a horse for competition. Provide a thorough warm up of the entire body and allow your horse to perform to its full potential. Passive stretches prepare limbs and muscles of the trunk to function to their full working capacity.

Post-Event Massage:

  • Facilitates the removal of toxins built up in the muscles during exercise and can help to detect any muscular injuries sustained.

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