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By: ICUK Web Design  12/01/2011
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The Role of SEO in Website Design

The World Wide Web only becomes usable when it is properly indexed, and that is the role of search engines and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Today phrases such as “Google it” have become part of our everyday language. When we Google we are asking the search engine to tell us which websites we should be looking at to find the information we need.


Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing rank sites based on relevance to specific keywords, authority and the standard of the links to other websites. The higher a website is ranked, the more traffic it will get. The website designer’s job is to create a site that will be optimised for search engines and get the site as near to the top of page one as possible.


Getting Noticed

It now appears that every business no matter how great or small has a website. To get them noticed is becoming a major battle. The way the big search engines rank sites is to use automated tools to analyse the way the site is presented. They read the tags that the web site developer assigns, decides check for links from other web sites. As such it is far easier to design a site from the outset to achieve a given goal than to reverse engineer the site to achieve a goal.


ICUK will work with each client to understand their objective and will then translate that into an effective design, which will be read by the search engines’ tools, and will result in an optimal ranking and assured visibility.

Keywords: traffic management, web design, web design company, web page design, website design

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