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Traditional Sash Window Repair & Renovation Services from A. I. Sash Window Repair & Renovation Services

By: A. I. Sash Window Repair & Renovation Services  29/11/2008

 Windows are an integral part of a building's character which are often over looked. Just in the same way that it is important to retain original features such as, fireplaces and cornices, traditional sash and case windows are also a historically important part of a building, which should be retained. As well as being attractive features of a building, windows also need to function safely and efficiently. Given the proper care and attention, traditional sash and case windows can survive for hundreds of years. There are many examples of original Sash and case windows throughout the country that are over 100 years old, some are even earlier than this. This is primarily owed to two things. The fact that they are extremely practical, for example, they have an efficient ventilation system and can be cleaned easily. The wood used in their initial manufacture was high quality, close grained timber which means that the windows are also naturally durable provided they are given sensible and regular maintenance. It is not unusual to find surviving historic glass in sash windows. Crown glass is a characteristic of eighteenth century windows and this is easily identified by its distinctive curved ripples. This was replaced with cylinder sheet and patent plate glass during the nineteenth century as glass technology became more sophisticated. These glass types are characterised by straight ripples and by occasional 'seeds' or bubbles. Old glass has a particular character which modern plate glass cannot recreate, therefore it is just as important to retain any surviving historic glass as it is to retain original window frames. If you are fortunate to have surviving original sash and case windows in your property it is important to retain these. If possible, it is normally aesthetically and economically preferable to repair rather than replace windows. Often, windows which have decayed, can be restored fairly easily. Timber decay is usually localised, commonly at lower rails, mortice joints, and sills, these can be remedied by scarfing in sections of timber at the affected areas. Broken or damaged cords can be replaced and defective glazing putty renewed. Altered Images comprehensive sash and casement window repair & restoration services are able to remedy these common problems fairly easily. In circumstances where your windows have badly deteriorated and are beyond repair, they should be replaced with traditional style, timber sash and case windows. Having survived for hundreds of years in all types of buildings from castles to cottages, the traditional timber sash and case window fell out of widespread use in the 1950s. More recently, upvc windows have gained popularity. These alternatives to the traditional timber window lack the character and attractive appearance of their predecessors and should be avoided in historic buildings and conservation areas. We can supply and fit replica glazed upper and lower sashes to fit into existing box frames, also replacement timber sash windows in traditional designs with complete fittings - glazed to your specification. Single or slimlite double glazed meeting part L of building regulations. THE BENEFITS OF OUR WINDOW REPAIR SERVICE The costly replacement of existing windows can be avoided. A cost effective way to conserve your windows. Minimum disturbance to your home or business. Reduces energy costs. Improves performance and comfort.

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