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By: KA Spencer (Software)  25/02/2009
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AccoSys Accounts is an integrated accounts system, running on Microsoft Access version 2000/XP/2003 especially designed for a range of small businesses. But it is more than that.
It can model the greater proportion of your business activity in a single system.

AccoSys will manage purchases and sales from quotation to delivery or despatch and can do full commodity-level and batch/serial-number-level stock control.  If required, AccoSys can even track goods at serial number level from purchase delivery/invoice/payment to sales  order/ invoice/ payment/ despatch.

Full details of your customers, suppliers and your commodities (goods and services) are easily maintained. An extensive set of reports give you the financial information you need.

AccoSys also supports multiple currency (including the Euro) and multinational VAT rates. 

You can think of AccoSys Accounts as comprising several sections: 

Your Business Structure
Cost Centres    divisions of your business in which you may wish to study profit and loss, to some extent separately
Departments    accounting headings to which financial activity may be summed.
Your trading partners (Organisations) Businesses, Institutions and individuals with whom you trade, buy, sell or to whom you make payment as Suppliers, Customers or in any other role.
Your Products, Goods and Services (Commodities) Any material, product, service, commodity or financial obligation which you buy, sell, service or use.
AccoSys can manage and track commodity purchase and sale at batch or serial number level, and monitor stock levels.
Your Business Dealings (Transactions) Ledger-based records of all of the:
   sales (quotations, orders, invoices, payments, despatches, credits, refunds)
   purchases (orders, invoices, payments, deliveries, credits, refunds)
   nominal/departmental (payments)
   non-financial events (reports)
   assets (in conjunction with the Balance Sheet function)activities of your business.
Your ReportsAccoSys will readily produce reports that are necessary for business and financial reporting, but which are also useful as a record of much of your business information.
    Lists of your Supplier/Customer (and other) Organisations
    Lists of your Commodities, their supplier prices, and batch labels
    Activity in Organisation and Commodity accounts
    Ledger prints of Sales, Purchases, Events,
    Nominal/Departmental transactions
    Batch Labels, Batch Sales and Batch Stock lists
    Profit and Loss Statements
    VAT Inputs and Outputs
    Balance Sheet

AccoSys Accounts is exceptionally flexible, owing to the way in which a system of user-defined codes and attributes allows you to maintain pull-down listboxes containing all kinds of options for the various data items, such as ledger types, transaction type, transaction status, organisation roles, address types, department categories, international VAT rates and VAT territories, international currencies, depreciation codes.

As AccoSys is set up with a rich range of codes, only in exceptional cases will you need to add extras: but the flexibility is there as and when your use of the system expands.

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