PVF Pivot Fenders

PVF Pivot Fenders from QuayQuip Ltd

By: QuayQuip Ltd  17/10/2012
Keywords: Fenders, fender systems

In a QuayQuip Pivot Fender, the panel remains nearly vertical wherever the impact occurs on its face. Pivot fenders reduce horizontal forces into the structure. They receive vessels with prominent beltings or bow- and stern-on impacts. They are ideal in high tidal ranges or where vessels may impact above the structure's deck level. The panel, connected to QCN Cone Fenders or QME Element Fenders, pivots around a long-lasting, precision-made joint at the bottom. Each panel may rotate about its vertical axis and tilt in the direction of fender compression. Pivot Fenders will cope with large horizontal and vertical working loads while offering very high energy absorption and low reaction. Systems are frequently connected to create flexible barriers along quay faces or around curved structures. Options include inbuilt cathodic protection for a longer working life and self-locking fixings for reduced maintenance.

Keywords: fender systems, Fenders

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