Mooring Travellers

Mooring Travellers from QuayQuip Ltd

By: QuayQuip Ltd  17/10/2012
Keywords: port equipment, floating bollards

QuayQuip’s Mooring Travellers allow for water level changes by replacing conventional moorings with units that rise and fall with the vessel, even with tensioned mooring lines. Cast-in rails and other parts are highly durable: minimum service lives are typically 50 years. The bollard sits above a buoyant, wheeled bogie, guaranteeing that it always presents at a safe and convenient level for crew. Faster transits benefit lock and barge operators alike and save costs. Modular rails can be provided to any height. Bollard capacities and height above water will depend on the unique characteristics of each berth – please ask QuayQuip about your requirements. Typical applications include locks, waterways, high tidal range berths, and fast ferry berths.

Keywords: floating bollards, port equipment,

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