Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting from Customark Limited

By: Customark Limited  16/07/2010
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 Our Laser cutting machines work productively right from the start. They produce high quality engraving and cutting results on a wide variety of materials—at very high processing speeds and acceleration rates. Our maximum 1245mm x 710mm working area (49 x 28 inches), provides enough space for most standard material formats in use today. An advantage this process offers is to eliminate conventional tooling costs and offer the ultimate in adaptive profiling, something that is impossible with conventional tooling.
As an addition to this process we use the I-Cut CCD product, a system with many unique and even patented features that provide for maximum productivity, repeatability and output quality. The I-Cut hardware and software can be perfectly tuned to recognise positional and alignment irregularities with product placement as well as distortion within the print itself. The I-Cut software will automatically adjust the cutting path to compensate for these anomalies. As a result, set-up times are drastically reduced, productivity is greatly increased and waste through errors almost eliminated. This process in conjunction with our high level of print quality can provide exceptional results. Typical materials that can be processed include the following: Acrylic Laminates Plastics Wood Leather Glass Textiles Veneer Paper Applications include: Membrane keyboard production Acrylic Fascia/panel production Gaskets/ Adhesive Gaskets Engraving and sign making Tooling profile proofing Rapid prototyping

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