By:  10/04/2009
Keywords: Transcription services, Digital Transcription, Video Captions

 Transcription and Captioning Services benefit not only viewers with hearing disabilities, it also offers a number of additional benefits to a much broader community of users: Indexing and Searching: Transcriptions and Captions submitted directly to YouTube and Google Video allow the content to become completely searchable -- dramatically enhancing the ability of your material to get to the users who are interested.   Improved Accessibility for LD Viewers: Improved Comprehension for All: Material that is technical, uses many unfamiliar terms, or is delivered by a non-native English speaker can be difficult for any viewer to comprehend.  Captioning provides a mechanism to address all of these issues and improve the delivery of your content for all viewers.  Auditory and Recording purposes: Transcription Services can be used to record and store material for auditory and archiving purposes. Information that would not normally be captured by the archiving process can be effectively recorded in a transcript. This information can then be used for subsequent reporting and auditory purposes. The extent and nature of these will depend on the nature of your business.  Sales and publicity material: Add depth and dimension to the existing audio material that you have presented. Transcripts can be sent to future clients or customers to provide leads or to request feedback from previous engagements.  Accessibility:  Design your video and audio work to be as accessible as possible from the start.   Not everyone has access to the originally presented media and some prefer to read material rather than to view or listen to it. Transcripts offer an alternative choice in the presentation of material. You can forward transcripts onto those individuals who may have missed the original presentation or who prefer to read the text.   Improved Accessibility for ESL Viewers: Viewers with English as a Second Language will also realize increased comprehension from transcribed or captioned material.    Improved productivity and reduced paperwork: By spending less time confined to desks, your staff can get on with the jobs that they are paid  to perform and those that bring revenue to the business.  Field reports for example can be transcribed  releasing the time normally taken for this to more productive activities. Whatever your business; Social Work, Police, Law, Medical, Science, Education, Engineering using transcription services can help to improve productivity and job effectiveness.  Allow viewers to access and understand video content in public places such as airports, gyms, malls Synchronized transcripts and captions aid in comprehension of content under distracting circumstances.  E-Commerce and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Get your site ranked higher in the Search Engines. Transcription Services can captioning online material to make them more readily indexed by the search engines and as part of an overall Search Optimisation Strategy, can help your online visibility. Search Engines are very good at indexing text but they are not so good at indexing video and  audio. By including text transcripts on your websites you can increase keyword matching for search queries and improve positioning in the result listings of the major Search Engines.

Keywords: Digital Transcription, Transcription services, Video Captions, Video Subtitles,