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By: YourEcoWorld  18/10/2009
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 ‘Amazon John’ Easterling, spent many years searching the Amazon Rainforest for treasures and ancient artifacts. During his years of exploration in the Rainforest, he was introduced to the traditional use of medicinal plants. After a health crisis and life-changing experience using these botanicals, a simple truth became clear: The real treasure of the Rainforest is, in fact, the life-enhancing properties of the Rainforest plants. This discovery led to an exciting, cooperative enterprise with practitioners in several countries. For years, Amazon Herb Co. formulas were only available from these practitioners. When satisfied customers began sharing their results with others, more and more people wanted to experience the positive benefits of the botanicals. Now, with the introduction of ZAMU™, a revolutionary Rainforest camu blend, and the Lluvia Skincare Range the real treasure of the Rainforest is available to everyone. As Independent Associates, we are not able to sell these products directly through this site, you will need to follow the links to visit our corporate site with the Amazon Herb Co. Should you wish to go their now please click the following link:

Keywords: home businesses, home-based business, lluvia