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By: The Drinks Menu Ltd  03/06/2009
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In 1932, the Aranciata orangeade variant was introduced. Containing San Pellegrino as its primary ingredient, the soda added concentrated orange juice. Today, San Pellegrino also produces various other flavors of carbonated beverages: Limonata (lemonade), Sanbittèr (bitters), and Chinò (chinotto).
In 1968, San Pellegrino appeared on the front cover of the British Sunday newspaper The Observer. In 1970 San Pellegrino became the leading beverage company in Italy. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, the company continued to expand, and in 1988, San Pellegrino became the first Italian mineral water brand to be exported to France. That same year, San Pellegrino SpA was bought out by Nestlé. In 2003, the price of 75 cl San Pellegrino bottles reached US$10 in the restaurants of New York City, where 65,000 bottles are sold every day.

Keywords: beverages