Website Update

By:   24/05/2011
Keywords: property company, Rent To Buy, Rent To Own

has now completly updated its website with many new features.

Free on line registration form for prospective tenant/buyers
Register and your requirement will be seen by hunreds of investors throughout the UK whilst protecting your privacy.

Easy to fill in form with the ability to choose the postcode area of your choice.
These properties will not be advertised but will be offered to those who have registered first.

Rent2buy sometimes known as rent2own and other similier names gives the first time buyer the opportunity of renting for a period and having the option to buy the property at a price previously agreed through a document known as a Lease Option Agreement.

Go online at  and read all our comprehensive information and then register your interest. 

Keywords: property company, Prospective tenant/buyer, Rent To Buy, Rent To Own, Tenant/buyer,