LADIES ONLY KICKBOXING from Kaiju Martial Arts

By: Kaiju Martial Arts  14/08/2010
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 The ladies only lesson will take place in the building with no males in the room, this gives privacy for all concerned. There will be a period at the end of the lesson to enable everybody to cool down and change, the door will not be unlocked till the end of the lesson and everyone has left the room to change (If changing is required).The lesson consists of Kickboxing, Fitness, Self Defence, Weight loss, Improving Muscle Tone, Flexibility & Self EsteemThe classes will be run to enable development at you own pace there will be some motivation involved! We are not the armed forces with screaming sergeant majors! There will be a grading system and pupils will achieved belt grades and eventually Dan Grades (Black Belts which will all be recognised and ratified by the world body). We have a contact page should you require more information

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