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By: Business Professional  14/03/2009
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 IS YOUR BUSINESS ON THE SLIPPERY ROAD TO NOWHERE? With the sorry state of our economic climate it is inevitable that at some stage or another EVERY business will go through a difficult trading period. Do you know where to turn when it happens to YOUR business?  You need to be able to turn to someone who you can trust and who has the experience to help guide you through this “rough” patch.

Whatever your requirements we feel that we can help YOUR business, we are UK based, we speak in terms that you can understand and won’t bamboozle you with technical / legal jargon!  You may just require some general friendly business advice or you may have a specific worry.  We understand the stress that problems with business can cause, especially financial worries – these can cause sleepless nights and problems at home.  Why not stop the worry and call?  The majority of our experts all have first- hand experience of the trials and tribulations of running large and small businesses and they are able to empathise with you.  No matter what the issue we will always be on your side. A lot of people “bury their heads in the sand” when it comes to financial problems – your issues will not go away.  Why not tackle them head on armed with the information you need?

has been set up with the help of a group of nationwide experts in various different fields – we are the “one-stop” shop for all business requirements.  We can help with everyday matters such as commercial insurance or we can help you if you have been issued a Winding-Up Petition (along with everything in between!). 

Just a few of the things we can help with are:- ·         VAT / TAX ·         Commercial finance ·         Business insurance ·         Legal issues ·         Accountancy ·         Commercial banking / credit cards ·         Business debts / personal debts ·         Debt collection ·         Energy supplies (problems and competitive quotes) ·         Staff recruitment ·         PC support ·         Business sales ·         Guaranteed rents for landlords. Any advice give by our team of experts is tailor-made and specific to your individual requirements.  It can be given over the phone or at the comfort of your own home / office at a time convenient to you. You also have the added assurance that there is no obligation to act upon advice given. You need never feel alone or isolated again - whatever the need, our team will be able to help get to where you need to be - In plain simple English. Please get in touch you will be pleasantly surprised at the speed and response of our consultants.

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