240g Amethyst Crystal Geode Pieces Grade 1 AAAA

240g Amethyst Crystal Geode Pieces Grade 1 AAAA from Zizi Dragon

By: Zizi Dragon  02/12/2010

Amethyst Geode Pieces

These are packs of amethyst geode pieces, also called druzes, which we are sellling by weight. All these packs weigh 240g. Some packs have 2 pieces of amethyst, some have 3 and some have 4 but they all weigh 240g.

The amethyst is from Brazil, Bolivia and Uruguay and are Grade 1 AAAA rated.
Some are on a thin matrix base and others on a thicker base.
The amethyst can have small or large points, be a light lilac colour, mid amethyst or a dark purple shade.
The pictures illustrate the different type of packs which are available.
Each pack is slightly different.

Amethyst Pieces Dimensions
These measurements are approximate as each piece is unique:
Length: 3-8cm
Width: 3cm
Depth: 3cm

Amethyst Metaphysical Healing Features
Amethyst is a great aura cleanser and these pieces could be placed in any room where they can positively influence everyone who passes.

Amethyst is said to:
• assist creative thinking;
• increase intuition and spiritual awareness;
• represent the energy to enhance psychic ability;
• aid meditation;
• provide a strong protection;
• potentially help in the treatment and breaking links with obsessions;
• assist concentration and all mental activity;
• be particularly helpful when studying and
• it is suggested to help combat insomnia.