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By:  13/08/2010
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Problems with your dog? Tearing your hair out? Or just want to teach them something new? I can help!

Experienced in both dog training and dog behaviourist work, let me help you and your canines enjoy a great relationship!

I am Dog Behaviourist working in . I am also a Dog Trainer, often found under dog obedience or dog problems also. I find people need help with dogs pulling on the lead, dog recall problems or over excited dogs. These are often the most common reasons people call a dog behaviourist or look for dog training. I also get a high number of requests for people needing help with an aggressive dog or a dog with separation anxiety. I am very experienced in dog training and can supply references on request. I also get a lot of calls for puppy training too. These are among many reasons why people call a dog behaviourist or look for dog training! No problem is too big, too small or too silly!

I have been working with dogs for many years, and also have 3 of my own! I have come across all kinds of good, bad and indifferent dog behaviours and get so much pleasure working with owners and their four legged friends and generally doing dog training! I have worked with a multitude of breeds and carry no prejudices, yes I am aware that some breeds have predispositions to certain things but ultimately a dog is a dog and I love them all!

Please do not be afraid to call me about any of your problems, dog training ideas or concerns regardless of what they are, I'm hear to listen and help! I also offer a Puppy Training Course.



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