STARband from Steeper Clinic

By: Steeper Clinic  17/10/2012
Keywords: cranial osteopathy, Plagiocephaly, flat head syndrome

You may recognise the STARband cranial remoulding orthosis as a ‘baby helmet’ and it is a plastic and foam or clear plastic, custom moulded device designed to gently correct the shape of your baby’s head. What is STARband? Providing total contact with any prominent or bossed areas of your baby’s head, STARband discourages additional growth there, whilst encouraging growth in areas of the head that are flat or depressed. The band is evaluated and adjusted on a regular basis by an Orthotist, to precisely guide growth throughout the entire treatment programme. Each STARband is created from a laser scan of your baby’s head, using an advanced laser scanning machine called a STARscanner. STARscanner is a non-contact, class 1 laser (the safest kind) scanning system that allows a baby’s head to be scanned in 1.5 seconds. This means that there is no need to take a cast of the head and detailed 3D scans can be immediately emailed to the manufacturer, meaning that we can arrange for a fitting of the STARband within 2 weeks of the scan. At the fitting, your Orthotist will teach you how to help your baby adjust to wearing the STARband. After a 5 day adjustment period, your baby will progress to wearing STARband for 23 hours a day. Typically, treatment for flat head syndrome with STARband takes between 12 and 18 weeks if treatment is started between the ages of 4 and 7 months, but can take longer dependant on the age and severity of the condition. You will have regular check ups with your Orthotist, who will check on your baby’s progress, make any adjustments and answer any questions you might have. Typically, the decision to discontinue treatment is made when the STARband has corrected your baby’s head shape to a point where treatment is no longer necessary.

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