Nano Ring Hair Extensions

Nano Ring Hair Extensions from Secret Hair Extensions

By: Secret Hair Extensions  16/01/2015
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Nano rings are a recent development in hair extension application techniques. The method has been developed in a quest to find the most undetectable methods of installation. Nano rings (like micro rings) are made from copper. The essential difference is that nano rings are 90% smaller than regular application rings. Typically they are around the size of a ballpoint pen nib. The extension strands that are attached using nano rings are known as Nano Tip hair. This hair has a strong keratin tip which secures a fine metal loop which is squeezed closed to form a strong tip that is inserted into the ring before being clamped with pliers. In order to make this form of installation less visible, the hair is fitted behind a strand of the clients own hair before clamping to secure. No heat or glue is used in application. Equipment needed is nano tip extensions hair, nano rings, a smaller nano ring pulling loop tool and a smaller set of application pliers. Care must be taken with these extensions not to apply heat or oil to the keratin bond securing the tip, as this can deteriorate or even melt. Both installation and removal - as with all other hair extensions techniques – should be performed by a trained professional. After a period of approximately 6 to 8 weeks, the rings should be removed and the extensions moved up to avoid detection or stress to the supporting strand of client’s hair. Rings can be either unlined copper, which will clamp flattest or can be silicone lined copper to avoid slipping and avoid damage to clients’ hair. Advantages of Nano Rings and Nano Tip Hair Extensions The benefits of nano tip hair extensions and nano ring extensions is that they are so small and undetectable. No heat or chemicals are applied during installation. Using silicone lined rings will help prevent damage to the hair. Disadvantages of Nano Rings and Nano Tip Hair Extensions The disadvantages of nano ring hair extensions are the very fact that less of the client’s hair can be pulled through the smaller ring means that care must be taken in application to use the thickest strand possible of clients hair in order to support 0.5g or 0.8g of extension hair. Obvioulsy when this hair is wet it becomes heavier still.

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