A Guide to Food Photography Part 1.

A Guide to Food Photography Part 1. from Phillip Shannon Photography

By: Phillip Shannon Photography  29/08/2010
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A Guide to Food Photography Part 1.

Welcome to the first installment of the professional food photography guide.

As a food photographer in Leeds, I have worked on many food projects involving many of the regions suppliers, retailers including supermarket chains, manufacturers and general sellers.
Food Photography in Leeds, Yorkshire tends to be commissioned for three reasons, Packaging, Advertising or Editorial.  Often this work will be carried out in the studio in leeds, as this gives us great access to the benefits of the studio environment, but as a  food photographer we can also shoot food on location throughout Yorkshire and the UK.

Food photography for Packaging.

This is the process of shooting food that the general public will see, it is the type of photograph which will be on the cardboard outer of a ready (microwave) meal for example or as part of a packet containing food, whether it be pre-prepared food, or ingredients of some sort. The food photography can be quite technical in nature as the manufacturer of the food will want the food photography to show all of the ingredients clearly on the pack so as to communicate quickly and effectively to the purchaser what it is they are buying.
Often a An Art Director from an advertising agency or a layout or sketch will be supplied and the food photographer will use this to match into the shot. Sometimes the business owner will be present as they will know their product inside out and will be able to give valuable input into the photography.

Advertising food photography.

This type of food photography often is the next natural stage from the product shot/ pack shot / packaging shot, this will be commissioned as part of a co-ordinated campaign by the advertising agency or business owner, the food photographer will be involved in the creative process and should know what the outcome of the shot has to " say " it may be accompanied by a clever strap line, often used in advertising to grab the passerby's attention, a call to action. Using a mixture of professional lighting techniques, food props and camera viewpoint, and often working with the professional food stylist, this type of photography can be seen here in my .

Editorial food photography.

Food photography in leeds can be used in editorial pieces in magazines and newspapers. It will often be used to promote a restaurant, food club, or even an event which is centered around food. Maybe a food festival in leeds, Yorkshire can take advantage of a food photographer talents to publicise their event.

The food photography team.

For the photography to be successful a professional group of people will be required.

Food photographer.

The food photographer’s job is to make sure that the Client and the rest of the people involved are working as a cohesive team. To evaluate all of the core elements of the food shoot, actual food product, style of shot, background choice etc...  Using professional cameras, lighting, and software the food photographer will gel all of these elements together and their experience to produce the mouth watering food image on the screen ( or page ).

Photography Assistant.

The right hand person to the photographer, often a person at the beginning of their photographic career, learning on the job, helping the photographer with the mechanics of the shoot, organising equipment backgrounds etc.. when instructed by the photographer.

The food stylist.

The food stylist is a vital member of the professional food shoot, food shoots which do not use a stylist often produce inferior quality images, compared to when they are used. Highly experienced in food preparation, not to taste good, but to look good!. It really doesn't matter how the food tastes in a food shoot, as long as it communicates the food qualities and message brief.

The client.

They are the commissioners of the shoot, and will have vital insider knowledge to the food, and brief. The food Photographer will need to communicate well with the client and deliver the clients message in the final food photo.

Phillip Shannon is a Food Photographer in Leeds. Highly experienced in all areas of food photography production. Please contact today on 0113 240 9982 or to discuss your next food photography project.

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