Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy in Leeds

By: Paul Wood Hypnosis  05/08/2010
Keywords: hypnotherapy, hypnosis, stop smoking


All your thoughts and actions are governed by two aspects of your brain: your conscious and your subconscious. Consciously, you don’t want to be a smoker. You know it can cause severe disease and premature death. You hate the stained teeth and fingernails, the bad breath, the dulled sense of smell and taste, and the perpetual odour that comes along with the habit—not to mention that you are burning wads of cash every time you light up. Unfortunately, your subconscious holds ideas and beliefs, too. And it is these ideas—which you may not be aware of—that perpetuate your desire to smoke.

Keywords: hypnosis, hypnotherapist, hypnotherapy, quit smoking, stop smoking