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By: Paul Wood Hypnosis  05/08/2010
Keywords: hypnotherapy, hypnosis, hypnotherapist

About me?  Well to cut a long story after suffering from post-traumatic stress and not knowing where to turn.  I had the fortune of finding hypnosis or it found me then changed my life permanently,  I then returned the favour and became a hypnotherapist. 


Many people over the years have asked me “What does it take to become a skilled professional hypnotherapist?”, what training they should do or how to master different skills they have learnt.  These questions are all relatively important but what is absolutely important is how you use the skills you have to master your own life.

The very best therapists in the world walk their talk and that is the key to creating permanent change in others, being able to firstly do it in yourself.  Since I committed myself to that principle many years ago my life has changed dramatically, to the benefit of many clients who I have had the pleasure to meet.

I have a healthy life long obsession with hypnosis. I use self-hypnosis every day, I love to teach self-hypnosis and hypnotherapy, and to have fun with clients creating change every day in my clinic using hypnosis,  it’s easy to see the passion in my eyes in everything I do.  Therapy can be fun! Don’t ever listen to someone who tells you it will take years to change or that it has to be difficult,  when someone gets to the right point in their life change is inevitable and natural and by the fact your reading this its possible that now is the time for you.

After suffering from post traumatic stress whilst studying at university I completely understand the how debilitating mental and emotional problems can be.

 As a result of what seemed a phenomenal change in myself I abandoned traditional psychology and became a hypnotherapist, and a convert to modern personnel development.

Keywords: hypnosis, hypnotherapist, hypnotherapy