By: MGGLASS.COM  07/10/2010
Keywords: Mirrors, glass replacement, sandblasting

 SANDBLASTING ON GLASS Sand blasting on glass is one of the most speedy and less expensive methods of working on glass. This does not come in different shades ,just clear glass or sand blasted.   SANDBLASTING ON MIRRORS This work can be carried out on stock sheets of mirror, either sand blasted on the face which is the mirrored side or sand blasted through the silver which is the back of the mirror. This can be reversed to leave a silvered design and sand blasted background or mirrored background and sand blasted design. All the work above can be carried out on any type of glass, any thickness, laminated, toughened etc, or on any shade of mirror or glass.

Keywords: Designs On Glass, door design, door panels, glass replacement, Mirrors, sandblasting