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By: Lipstick4you  17/11/2014
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If you would like to let your inner woman blossom, you can come to me for a full and discreet cross dressing service. Based in a stylish Leeds apartment, Lipstick4you can offer everything you need. As well as providing wigs and hair, I offer shower facilities, underwear and a boutique clothing collection. All you need to bring is yourself.During your makeover you'll have the chance to immerse yourself in a high class environment in my luxury city centre apartment. You can learn how to recreate your look, allowing you to release your feminine side whilst at home.From the comfort of a luxury city centre apartment in Leeds, you can access my cross dressing boudoir. Whether you're experienced or need assistance with choosing clothes, I can help. I can help with all aspects of cross dressing. From applying makeup through to finding the perfect heels, I'll help you discover those finishing touches that bring out your feminine side.At Lipstick4you, I pride myself on delivering a discreet and enjoyable experience for people across Leeds and Bradford. With a few tips from me, you can even recreate your look at home.By offering a full wardrobe with a broad range of clothes for you to choose from, I can help you explore your fashionable side. My Leeds dressing service is based in a high-end boudoir in the city centre. From the heels up to the wigs, my cross dressing wardrobe is diverse and ready to meet your unique tastes. At Lipstick4you, I work with people across Leeds and Wakefield. When I say that my wardrobe is full, I mean just that. Feel free to just bring yourself or any props if you feel you'll need them. I even have shower facilities for you to make the most of.Finding the right makeup for men is a simple yet beautiful way to complete any cross dressing experience. With my tips, you can take away new skills and practice them away from my boudoir.

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