Dietcare one-2-one Clinics at Innercore

By: InClinic  17/06/2008
Keywords: nutrition, diet, slimming

What is Dietcare?
Dietcare is a fantastic concept, involving one-2-one diet advice, no standing in line waiting to be weighed, no patronising clapping or embarrassing silence at your weight loss - or gain - and you are not tied into weekly meetings. Instead, you have your own appointment, at a time to suit you and you get an individual bespoke diet plan, which takes into account your likes and dislikes. Its like having a personal trainer but for your diet, and most important, there are no quick fixes and no gimmicks. This is an extremely healthy diet plan, which works. Dietcare has been established over 30 years, and our diets have proved the test ot time..
Everything revolves around your metabolic rate. We test this in the Clinic and devise a personal diet which will boost this rate helping you to burn calories more effectively. I must stress there is no calorie counting and all plans are based on real food, obtainable from any supermarket. You can dine out on this diet and have an alcoholic drink if you wish. This is a healthy eating plan, for life and it all revolves around you. The weight comes off and stays off. It's the ultimate in personal dietetic advice.

Keywords: diet, dietcare, nutrition, slimming,