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By: Hypnotherapy Matters Leeds Ltd  17/11/2015
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Most people don't realise that adding hypnotic trance to a variety of weight control methods can improve results and help maintain them. It is not about the next trend or fad diet, it's about teaching you to listen and tune into what your body needs and craves... Which is good, healthy, nutritious food. It will help you eat more consciously and mindfully, enabling you to satisfy your hunger and enjoy good food in appropriate amounts. I can offer aversion suggestions, which are negative suggestions, such as "biscuits will sicken you". They work for a short period of time and can help you start to control your weight by cutting out a particular food which may be your Achilles heel, but for lasting, fulfilling change, positive suggestions are more appropriate. These can help take control not only of your weight but other aspects of your life, and can can raise confidence and self esteem. It only takes one phone call to start your route to change!

Keywords: Comfort Eating, cravings, food phobias, weight, weight control, weight loss, Weight Management,

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