By: Hypnotherapy Matters Leeds Ltd  17/11/2015
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Alongside our weight control treatment I can offer treatments to help you tackle more specific eating problems such as food cravings, binge eating, comfort eating and addiction to certain foods or food groups. Over-eating a specific food or food group can lead to a range of health issues such as weight control problems (weight gain or loss), diabetes, tooth and gum problems, increased risk of certain cancers, IBS, depression, anxiety, self-esteem and confidence. So by helping you overcome these eating problems you will feel healthier both physically and mentally. Experiencing cravings or addiction to food, or binge/comfort eating is a growing health concern, and you may have tried to tackle this yourself by trying a range of diets or exercise regimes but without success. Often these eating habits develop from an emotional or psychological need for that particular food, where it may have provided comfort or support at a problematic time in your life. By using hypnosis to help you enter a relaxed state, I can help you identify the real reason you rely on certain foods, which you yourself may have even forgotten and try to break the link between emotion and food to free you of your problem eating and the bad feelings that may be associated with this. I can also teach you techniques to make you more mindful of your eating, strengthening your awareness of your physical need for food and making you understand when you are hungry and when you are not, and teach you to listen to your body so you eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full.

Keywords: Comfort Eating, cravings, Diabetes, lose weight, obesity, Overeating, secret eating, weight control, weight loss, Weight Management,

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